Friday, January 2, 2009

Halloween Costumes....Now and Then

A few years ago (maybe 2007?) my friend Heather asked me to make a Halloween costume for her little boy Colton. Colton's dad was a football player at BYU so she thought it would be appropriate to dress her little tike as a football for Justin to carry around. I didn't really know what I was doing, but put my BS skills to work and came up with this:

This year Heather wanted Colton to be Elvis and Ail to be a 50s girl. This Elvis costume was a LOT harder than the simple football outfit! I had never sewn clothes before, had no pattern to go off of, and only one night to get it done. CRAZY!!! I used a pair of Cole's pajama pants and a t-shrit as a guide and hit the ground running. I wanted to quit a few, okay multiple, times but kept trucking away. The whole time I wasn't even sure if the silly thing would fit Cole, as he was home in bed. Luckily I pulled it off, the thing fit him (barely - notice the tight thighs!). It's a good thing too - I think I would have started bawling on the spot if it didn't fit him! I take no credit for the sweet jewels all over the costume, that was all Justin, and add so much to the costume. They got the wig at a costume shop. For Ali I sewed a quick and simple little mini-sized skirt and Heather put on the poodle. What started as a way over my head, exhausting project, turned out all right in the end! Colton looked so cute and had fun wearing his costume. That makes it worth it!


Brea said...

Girl, you've got SKILLS! All of your projects are so cute!

Laurie said...

In a word... ADORABLE! You're amazing! I love that Elvis suit (and the too-tight thighs just make it better)!